a woman thinking about pregnancy and addiction

Pregnancy and Addiction

Substance use disorder or addiction is a disease that affects anyone at any time. While we all know that smoking, drinking, or using substances when pregnant can have detrimental effects, addiction can still strike women during this time. Pregnancy and addiction is a unique challenge for individuals and treatment professionals. However, with the right addiction…

what is dual diagnosis

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Perhaps the only thing more challenging to overcome than substance use disorder are mental health conditions. Unfortunately, it’s very common for both of these conditions, addiction, and mental issues, to happen simultaneously. When these conditions overlap, treatment professionals refer to it as a co-occurring disorder. Often, individuals are unaware they have an underlying mental health…

a person laying down after feeling complications of smoking drugs

Complications of Drug Use

Substance use disorder and drug addiction cause numerous health issues. Long-term drug abuse can not only severely damage personal and professional relationships but also cause irrevocable medical issues. Part of substance abuse treatment involves addressing the complications of drug use ranging from issues that arise through injecting, inhaling, or snorting various illicit drugs. Some of…

a woman wondering what is suboxone

What Is Suboxone?

For individuals who have been struggling with opioid addiction for some time, perhaps the most effective means of recovery is medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Opioid addiction brings with it intense and painful withdrawal symptoms. When individuals attempt to quit using opioids, these withdrawal symptoms routinely drive them back to use. As an individual’s body becomes dependent…

a person learning about benefits of outpatient treatment program

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment Program

When an individual struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, professional treatment is required to properly heal from the addiction. Like any disease, when addiction is left untreated or is not treated properly, individuals will struggle to fully recover and may find themselves unable to function normally at home, in school, or at work. Fortunately, there…

a woman wondering what is methadone

What is Methadone?

Over the last few years, a form of addiction care called medication-assisted treatment (MAT) has become the gold standard for addressing opioid dependency. MAT is a method by which medical professionals administer medications, such as methadone, to help individuals cope with and overcome their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. The medications combined with therapy has proven…

woman talking to doctor about what is mat at an addiction treatment center in phoenix, az

What is an MAT Telehealth Program?

When struggling with addiction, having as many treatment options as possible is key to the healing and recovery process. Our medication-assisted treatment program, or MAT, is most effective for individuals struggling with opioid addiction to treat and manage their addiction. Unfortunately, many individuals are unable to find the addiction treatment they need. Whether it is…

a woman unsure about opiate vs opioid

The Differences Between Opiate vs. Opioid

It is not uncommon for individuals to use the terms opiates and opioids interchangeably. Yet, these terms do represent two different, though very similar, classes of drugs. What is the difference between opiate vs. opioid? Understanding the difference can help individuals understand the kind of treatment they need should they or a loved one develop…

a woman showing signs of opioid addiction

Recognizing the Signs of Opioid Addiction

Opioid abuse is an ongoing public health crisis in the United States. Millions of Americans find themselves struggling with opioid use disorder every year. Yet, for many, recognizing the signs of opioid addiction can be difficult. This leads those who struggle with opioid use disorder to miss out on the treatment that is necessary to…