Intensive Outpatient Program Glendale AZIt’s a common misconception that residential treatment is the only way to deal with mental health issues. An intensive outpatient program (IOP) at a Mental Treatment Center could be just what you need. It can be an ideal form of treatment for individuals who can’t step away from their work, school, or family responsibilities for the duration required for most residential treatment (typically, 30 days minimum). Yet, individuals understand that when they are struggling with mental health issues, they need support to address it before it worsens or gets completely out of control. Fortunately, Sunlight Medical Services’ Mental Treatment Center is here to help. Our Glendale center’s intensive outpatient program uses a productive combination of behavioral therapies to help patients heal their mental health and get back to their lives stronger and back in control.

Finding the Right Program

Maintaining a stable home life can be a challenge. When mental health issues arise such as depression or anxiety disorders arise, it can become even more difficult to juggle responsibilities of work and family. Often, an inpatient program or mental health residential program is just not the best fit for an individual who wants help. Thus, an intensive outpatient mental health program can be the answer.

For treatment to be effective, patients need to know they are being heard and understood at their mental health facility. At Sunlight Medical Services, we make it a point to work alongside patients ( both adults & teens) to address their mental health concerns and design a program that fits them. Together we can craft the best mental illness treatment plan at our center near Glendale, AZ. This personalized attention allows patients to feel a sense of ease going into their treatment. There is no judgment within our Glendale center’s intensive outpatient mental health program. Getting past addiction is something that requires professional guidance just like you receive in mental health residential programs. Without it, few individuals can beat addiction on their own. Similarly, as our intensive outpatient program works to address a patient’s physical addiction, we look towards the emotional and mental side of treatment as well.

Individual counseling is invaluable for patients. However, you may find healing and strength come through peer support in addition to individual therapy. Therefore, we offer group therapy options. Group therapy enhances the treatment experience and provides additional support to patients in their recovery journey. In the intensive outpatient mental health program, group therapy takes the format of 3 hours/day, 3 days/week at our mental illness treatment center near Glendale, AZ. At Sunlight Medical Services, we strive to provide an individualized mental health treatment program for all patients (both teens & adults), and as part of this process, the counselor works with the patient to determine what level of care best meets the patient’s needs. Group therapy is a proven effective means of increasing patient understanding of their mental health issues, developing or enhancing life skills and coping mechanisms, and obtaining support from peers so that recovery is lasting.

Treatment in an Intensive Outpatient Program

Here at Sunlight Medical Services, our intensive outpatient program provides patients (both seniors & teens) with the flexibility they need to deal with mental health issues. We provide in-depth bio-psychosocial assessments to get to the heart of patient issues. Patients work alongside our counselors, therapists, and doctors to customize their care at our professional mental health facility located in a convenient, comfortable medical plaza near Glendale, AZ.

Because everyone has a unique struggle with mental health issues, each path to recovery will be unique as well. As our compassionate, experienced staff work alongside you to craft treatment to your goals, needs, and conditions, you’ll begin the healing process. Our therapeutic counseling will improve patients’:

  • Recognizing negative behaviors and triggers
  • Coping skills
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Self-awareness
  • Knowledge of further treatment options including medication

Through our intensive outpatient program, we can give you the strength to ask for help and support when you need it.

Sunlight Medical Services

With intensive outpatient care, patients continue to live and work as they normally would. Being at home with family and loved ones and not having to disrupt work or school responsibilities is very important to some patients. However, so is getting healthy and overcoming mental health issues. These behavioral health programs combined with ourprimary care, other outpatient options, and counseling, help patients recover and get back to living their best life. So contact us today at (855) 920-1104 to learn how we can help you or a loved one.