Addiction Treatment Program Glendale AZYou did not plan on becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. And since realizing that you have a problem, life has kept getting in the way of treatment. You are too busy. Getting help is embarrassing. Maybe your substance abuse is not so bad. But now that you have taken the critical first step of realizing that you have a problem, the next step is finding help. And Sunlight Medical Services’ Glendale, AZ addiction treatment center is an excellent place to start.

Our addiction specialists are waiting to help you at every step of the way. But their first step will be to help you identify the severity of your addiction. Because in our Glendale, AZ, addiction treatment programs, we offer multiple levels of care, we will individualize your treatment. If you have been considering getting help, it is worth taking a closer look at Sunlight’s Glendale, AZ addiction treatment center.

Do I Need an Addiction Treatment Center?

Quality programs like the one at our Glendale, AZ, addiction treatment center make sure to structure your treatment around your specific situation. Some of the things that will guide that treatment are your age, the substance or substances you have been using, how long you have been using, and other factors. Among the most important of these is the severity of your addiction. Our addiction treatment center uses that piece of data, for instance, to determine the level of care you require. But whatever your situation, the essential thing is that you get the help you need.

If you are looking into addiction treatment programs, it is critical that you first understand the degree to which you need help. According to the Mayo Clinic, the following are a few of the signs that you have a substance abuse problem:

  • You need more and more of the substance to get through your day, or to feel the effects as intensely as you used to
  • The activities and people you once enjoyed have become less interesting to you
  • Getting the substance, planning your use of the substance, and your recovery has become a priority
  • You have continued to use the substance despite the negative psychological or physical effects
  • The substance and its effects are on your mind when you are not using it
  • Your use of the substance has interfered with your school, work, or family responsibilities
  • You do not feel like yourself unless you are on the substance — it has become the “new normal.”

These are only a few of the possible signs that you are addicted to. But if you are experiencing any of these, it is worth reaching out for professional help at an addiction treatment center.

The Levels of Care in an Addiction Treatment Center

Any good addiction treatment center will off more than one level of care. Each of these levels addresses a different level of severity of the addiction. The idea, however, is that they work in sequence. In our Glendale, AZ, addiction treatment center, we offer the following levels:

We also offer multiple levels of therapy and counseling, including cognitive-behavioral therapy. If you are considering an addiction treatment center, you must make sure that they provide all of these levels. It is the best way to make sure your treatment is tailored to your needs.

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If you are worried that you or someone you care about is addicted, the time to reach out to our Addiction Center near Glendale, AZ, is now. The compassionate staff at our Glendale, AZ, addiction treatment programs are here to help. By tailoring your program to your unique needs, we make a point of giving you the care you deserve on your terms. And this also means reducing your chances of relapse.

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