Primary Care Program Glendale AZAt Sunlight Medical Services, our goal is to offer treatment for the whole person to all patients. Whether someone is struggling with substance use disorder in the form of opioid addiction or alcohol abuse, we provide the treatment necessary to heal. In offering an integrated treatment experience, we provide a primary care program. Patients will be able to regularly collaborate with a physician as they progress through our medication-assisted treatment program and behavioral health services. Overcoming addiction means getting complete support for the body and mind. One way we make sure patients’ physical needs are met is through our primary care program.

How Medical Treatment Helps Substance Abuse

Substance use disorders complicate the management of other chronic disorders or health conditions. Addressing substance use and physical health together improves both physical health and alleviates substance use conditions. Unfortunately, many treatment programs and facilities don’t have a primary care physician available for patients’ needs. This is just one of the aspects setting Sunlight Medical Services apart. Our primary care program’s physician regularly checks in and monitors patient progress making sure their health issues are cared for.

Sometimes conditions as simple as the common cold or coming down with the flu can affect recovery. The body’s health directly impacts the kinds of treatment patients can utilize and how the treatment they get progresses. Similarly, more serious conditions that require monitoring like high blood pressure or diabetes affect what medications a patient can receive. Thus, it’s vital to have a primary care program. We can prescribe medications and make referrals to specialists giving patients one more weapon in their arsenal to combat addiction.

Through our primary care program, patients receive behavioral health services such as:

These therapeutic services, combined with our physical health treatment under one roof, gives patients the flexibility and resources they need to recover.

Sunlight Medical Services

We understand you have the power you need to control your life. Yet sometimes you need support, help in focusing your power and effort. This is where Sunlight Medical Services can assist you in overcoming substance use disorder. We offer not just patient-centered treatment but an intimate, calm environment in which to get the help needed. With our primary physician on-site every week, our treatment programs and counseling services allow patients flexibility combined with quality care. Also, our primary care program complements our medication-assisted treatment program, which offers:

These programs combined used within our intensive outpatient program helps patients recover and get back to living their best life. So contact us today at (855) 920-1104 to learn how we can help you or a loved one.