Addiction Counseling Program Glendale AZWhen someone struggles with substance use disorder or addiction, getting the right treatment is vital. Fortunately, substance abuse is a well-understood condition in the medical community. Thus, individuals can enter an addiction counseling program and immediately begin the healing process. However, like overcoming any disease, recovering from addiction is no simple matter. At Sunlight Medical Services, we understand substance use disorder is a complex condition affecting both an individual’s body and mind. Thus, we offer an addiction counseling program Glendale AZ residents know will address the full needs of patients.

Individual Therapy

When confronting the disease of addiction, one-on-one treatment can help patients get the root cause of their substance abuse. Within individual therapy, patients work with their counselor or therapist to discover what triggers substance use. By confronting these triggers, patients can work to design a plan to address them. Because patients are in an intimate, anonymous setting, they have the privacy they need to express their emotions. Being in a safe space to vent one’s frustrations and fears but also confront one’s own bias, negative self-image, and self-harming beliefs makes individual therapy immensely valuable.

Some common therapeutic approaches patients may encounter in individual counseling include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: A therapy examining the motivations behind behaviors, specifically looking to modify negative thought patterns.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy: This therapy is a variation of cognitive-behavior therapy centered on minimizing harmful behaviors by addressing how to improve and develop appropriate emotional responses and control.
  • Family therapy: For some patients, their substance use disorder springs from unhealthy relationships within their family or unresolved issues. Also, sometimes healing from addiction needs to involve a patient’s family to get to root causes and help design relapse prevention techniques.

Group Therapy

Alongside individual counseling, patients in an addiction counseling program benefit from group therapy. By sharing thoughts and feelings with others experiencing similar issues with drugs or alcohol, individuals can draw new insights into their condition. Also, individuals can learn how others have dealt with high-risk situations, triggers, and the emotions they’ve experienced while in the midst of substance abuse.

Thus, the most significant benefit of group therapy is the ability to interact with other people struggling to overcome similar challenges. Unlike individual counseling, where a patient can’t get insight into the lives of others dealing with issues like their own, group therapy offers a window into how others cope. By pooling strategies, sharing experiences, supporting one another, and holding each other accountable, group therapy allows patients to become a part of a community. In so doing, patients improve their communication skills, both listening and expressing themselves, while learning how to hold themselves and others accountable. Often, patients will encounter similar therapeutic techniques used in individual counseling while in group therapy but slightly modified.

Sunlight Medical Services Addiction Counseling Glendale AZ

No matter your addiction, you can take back control. But substance use disorder makes this a challenge. Thus, you need support. At Sunlight Medical Services provide you with the resources you need. Our patient-center treatment in our intimate, calm environment will set your mind at ease. Also, we provide a primary care physician on-site weekly. Our physician not only helps with your physical needs regarding addiction treatment but your general health.

In combination with our therapeutic services in our behavioral health program, our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program gives patients a firm foundation for a lasting recovery. Some of the treatments our MAT program uses include:

Addiction doesn’t have to control your life any longer. Sunlight Medical Services can help you get back to living your best life. So contact us today at (855) 920-1104 to learn how we can help you or a loved one.