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Addiction can arise in anyone. When it does, individuals need to get proper medical attention so they can heal and return to their lives sober. For many individuals struggling with a substance use disorder, the first step in getting treatment is detox. Sunlight Medical Services provides patients requiring it, an outpatient medication-assisted detox referral. Here, patients can work out the substance they are dependent upon out of their system. Thus, they’ll be better able to turn their attention to starting a therapeutic treatment program.

Beginning Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

Depending on the substance patients struggle with and the length of their use of it, detox can be completed in a relatively short time. However, patients should expect the process to be easy. Outpatient medication-assisted detox demands patience.

It may feel quite challenging to endure because withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Thus, medication can be a means to reduce and manage these symptoms. Doing so allows patients to have a clearer head and exert a modicum of control over their body and mind as they move into a therapeutic treatment for their substance use disorder.

Also, detox helps individuals struggling with substance abuse minimize the risk of relapse. Sometimes individuals believe they can quit without the necessary support and attempt to go ‘cold turkey.’ This self-detoxing is extremely dangerous. Because as individuals move through withdrawal, their tolerance levels continuously drop. Combined with severe and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, most individuals fail in their attempt to self-detox. They then return to their substance of choice to alleviate the pain of withdrawal. However, doing so can lead to accidental overdose because individuals are unaware of how their tolerance has changed. Professional detox monitors a patient’s progress, ensuring they understand how their body is healing.

Using FDA-approved medications, outpatient medication-assisted detox works to ease the impact of withdrawal upon patients. There are many different types of medications medical professionals use. Once patients move out of detox and start their addiction therapy, they may continue their medication-assisted treatment depending on the severity of their symptoms and use.

What Comes After Outpatient Medication-Assisted Detox

Outpatient treatment has numerous advantages for patients whose schedules are already full. Sunlight Medical Services understands that between work responsibilities, school requirements, and family obligations, residential or inpatient treatment may not be a practical option for some. However, when a patient realizes they are suffering with addiction and need help to heal, they deserve support. Outpatient medication-assisted detox is just one method. Once a patient returns from detox, they can enter one of our addiction treatment programs. Similar to outpatient detox, we provide an intensive outpatient program as well as others:

Each of these programs involves therapies to address the needs of patients. Together they set individuals on a firm foundation to make a lasting recovery.

Sunlight Medical Services

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, whether it’s opioids or alcohol or some other substance, finding help is vital. The compassionate staff at Sunlight Medical Services is here to help. For many patients, recovery begins with detox. We can direct patients into an outpatient medication-assisted detox program. Upon completion, patients will begin their treatment to overcome addiction with a new focus.

Sunlight Medical Services tailor our treatment plans to meet the unique needs of our patients. We make a point of giving you the care you deserve on your terms. Thus, the risk of relapse is reduced, and patients make their recovery a lasting one.

Take the first step. Reach out to Sunlight Medical Services. Contact us online today or by calling us at (855) 920-1104. It’s time to live the life you deserve.