Group Talk Therapy Glendale AZWhen struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) finding the right treatment program is vital. At Sunlight Medical Services, we understand each person is unique. Thus, each individual requires a unique approach to their behavioral issues and mental health. Our expert counselors and therapists design programs specifically suited to patient needs. However, our group counseling program is an effective therapeutic technique. Often, being around others going through similar challenges whether grief, trauma, or some other mental health issue gives patients the freedom and ideas they need to address their condition. For many patients, regaining control of their lives begins with reaching out for support. Sunlight Medical Services is ready to support.

What Group Therapy Entails

For many patients, working through their issues with peers who have gone through or are currently enduring similar problems can be very useful. Knowing that they’re not alone in facing frustrations, fears, anxieties, and triggers can go a long way in boosting the confidence of patients. Getting feedback, building, and becoming part of a supportive community allows patients to find their way through recovery.

Usually, group therapy last around an hour and meets one to five times a week. Patients can build relationships with peers as well as their counselors and therapists. Assembling in a semi-circle or a circle so all patients can face one another, group members discuss whatever is on their mind. While concerns may certainly be related to their mental health issues, they don’t have to be. For many, the value of a group counseling program is it provides a safe, comfortable environment where any issue or issues can be dealt with and expressed. This open-ended approach gives patients the freedom necessary to explore not only their own issues but also help others. This fosters a sense of community where patients learn to take responsibility for their actions and now to hold others accountable for their actions as well healthily.

How a Group Counseling Program Can Help

There are numerous benefits to attending a group counseling program. Some of these benefits include:

  • Triggers: When talking and working with others in group therapy, patients cannot only identify their triggers but come to understand the triggers others experience. Recognizing how events, images, sounds, or situations prompt or trigger emotions or feelings that enflame their mental health issues. By knowing these triggers, individuals can minimize their effect. When talking with others, patients can discover new coping mechanisms and work through the skills they currently use.
  • Negative thinking: Negative self-image and negative thinking routinely result in dangerous behavior. These beliefs, thoughts, or patterns dictate a patient’s actions. Thus, it’s vital to work through the negativity and move towards positive or constructive decisions. Often, working with others in group therapy is just want patients needs s they can get outside perspectives on their self-perception.
  • Self-Care: Often, for example, when someone is struggling with mental health issues, they allow care for their well-being to suffer. In talk therapy with others during a group session, patients discover new ways to eat healthier, calm their mind and get proper sleep, and overall improve their self-image.

In group therapy, patients improve their communication skills. This involves not only expressing themselves better and more clearly but listening to others and discovering how to respond to difficult or challenging situations appropriately. With improved communication, patients experience an outlet that greatly reduces their stress and anxiety. Thus, our group counseling program can ground patients in a supportive community while getting their individual needs met.

Sunlight Medical Services

It doesn’t matter what issue you or a loved one struggle with, reaching out for support helps keep your mental health positive. At Sunlight Medical Services, we understand that mental health is as important as physical health. These, combined with our behavioral services like our group counseling program, make recovery that much easier for patients. So reach out to Sunlight today by calling (855) 920-1104. Explore what we can offer you or a loved one and begin the healing process.