When someone struggles with depression or anxiety, finding the right type of counseling is vital. When individuals discover they’re having difficulty in their daily lives due to stress or anxiety, then individual counseling may be the solution. Individual therapy provides comprehensive and collaborative care as patient and therapist work one-on-one to explore, identify, and address the mental health, emotional, and sometimes physical issues affecting them. At Sunlight Medical Services, our individual counseling program combines evidence-based and holistic treatments

How an Individual Counseling Program Works

Individual Counseling Program Glendale AZOne of the key components of individual therapy is creating a collaboration with your therapist. This is done to craft a roadmap for success. Knowing your needs and desires going into therapy and what you’d like coming out of it gives patients clear goals to strive to achieve. Also, creating this collaborative inventory allows for counselors or therapists to determine the necessary frequency and length of therapy sessions.

Because no two patients will experience depression or anxiety disorders, for example, in the same manner. Thus, no two patients will have the same experience in an individual counseling program. Individual therapy allows you to have an active hand in regaining a normal level of functionality and building up the coping mechanisms patients will continue to use in the future.

Every type of therapy has benefits. But individual therapy is critical for long-term recovery from whatever mental health issue an individual is struggling with. It guides patients in confronting and handling their deepest issues. Also, it is a treatment that is responsive to the pace of the patient allowing them to relax and find the best way to communicate their needs.

Benefits of Therapeutic Treatment

An individual counseling program has numerous benefits. Unlike group therapy (which has its own advantages), individual therapy allows the patient to develop a more personal connection. Also, the added privacy encourages patients to be more open and honest with themselves and their therapist. For many individuals struggling with mental health issues, privacy goes a long way towards encouraging comfort and willingness to confront challenging issues.

For some patients, sharing their struggles and personal details with a larger group isn’t helpful. Finding the right type of treatment is vital for healing. So, patients need to have the option of one-on-one therapy where they can express and discover how to deal with their trauma or past. Sometimes, once a patient has begun an individual counseling program and has built up their confidence, group sessions become an option. But until then, individual therapy’s private and anonymous setting may best suit patient needs.

Sunlight Medical Services

At Sunlight Medical Services, your recovery is our sole focus. We understand many people struggle with mental health issues. Providing support and helping individuals overcome their issues is at the core of our mission. Our treatment is not just comprehensive but crafted for each patient’s needs. One way we accomplish this at Sunlight Medical Services is through our individual counseling program. But patients also benefit from our other programs such as:

Patients can work through these programs and therapies through our intensive outpatient program but also get primary care at our inviting, comfortable medical plaza location. Mental health is no different than physical health when it comes to care. Individuals need to attend to it in the same degree they pay attention to their physical health. Individual therapy allows people to work through their depression, anxiety issues, trauma, or process addictions like gambling. Sunlight Medical Services can help. Call (855) 920-1104 now to learn more and to plan for your fresh start.